GDPR - Our commitments

GDPR x Sight-O : Our commitments

Sight-O is an interactive digital tool which, in order to function, needs to retrieve certain personal data from its users. Sight-O is above all an educational tool. We are therefore fully aware of the sensitive nature of the issue, all the more so given the practices of certain digital behemoths, which operate under other latitudes and regulations.

This is why we want to be as transparent as possible with our users, who may be public or private educational institutions, teachers or students, the latter sometimes under age. The strict respect of GDPR is at the heart of our concerns.

Here are Sight-O's 10 commitments to its users:


The architecture of our application has been purposely designed with the most advanced security technologies. However, we recommend that you never share your password with anyone.

Our partner OVH is a French company, leader in the field of hosting, which scrupulously respects GDPR and guarantees a high level of security for its installations.

Sight-O will never trade, give, sell or transmit your data to any other company or third party. Sight-O has absolutely no interest in doing so. When you pay, you will transmit your bank details directly to our partner Stripe using a dedicated and secure form. Stripe hosts your data in Ireland, within the European Union and respects GDPR. Sight-O has no knowledge of your bank details and does not hold them. Stripe is the world leader in its field and has a highly secure infrastructure.

The information you provide when you register is all useful. Your name, first name and date of birth will allow us to issue your certificates. Knowing whether you are a student or a teacher will allow us to offer you the account best suited to your needs. Your email address will allow us to communicate with you and your Sightoplayer nickname will guarantee your anonymity during your challenges with other Sight-O users. Finally, your instrument will allow us to direct you towards the right programme to start your learning.

Sight-O has an audio recognition algorithm that allows the recording of your performance and your automatic correction thanks to the microphone of your device. Only one person is responsible for the maintenance and constant improvement of this algorithm. This person does not listen to what is going on in your home! We use processing and analysis tools that do not require you to actually hear the recording. The recordings are therefore only used to improve the correction system. The recordings are automatically purged from our servers every month.

Sight-O uses several open source technologies for its different algorithms: for the display of scores, for the scrolling of the cache as well as for the audio recognition which allows the automated correction of users. Each of these technologies has been adapted to the design of our application. However, Sight-O is not an open source application.

Sight-O undertakes to delete or archive your personal data as soon as possible if you so wish. Please note that in the case of deletion or archiving, you will no longer be able to use Sight-O. To do so, please write to us here

When creating a Sight-O account for Schools, the Sight-O teams indicate that they will only accept the email addresses of parents (in the case of underage students). It is then up to the School to fill in the correct email addresses. Parents will be informed of our commitments GDPR in the welcome email.

Sight-O's future offer for teachers will make class management possible. A choice of avatars will be offered to the teacher and his/her student. No student photo will be uploaded and visible on Sight-O.

Whenever our terms of use change, you will be notified before they take effect. This will give you ample time to request deletion of your data and close your account if you are not happy with the new terms.

A word from the founders

"Sight-O is committed to the education of musicians. Even though Sight-O is a business and a business has to be profitable, our moral principles as former teachers prevail. We have been in contact with students, parents, fellow teachers and school leaders for years. We are fully aware of the confidentiality issues and are committed to ensuring that they are respected by Sight-O and its teams. Respect for GDPR is at the heart of our concerns."