Access the Method, means of payment 


How to access the Sight-O method?


It’s very simple! Click on Log in/Sign up. If you don't have an account, you can create one by clicking “Sign up.” 

You will be able to test the method for 7 days (with unlimited exercises, and for all instruments). If you are satisfied, you can start your monthly or annual subscription. 

After you've filled out your profile, select the instrument you want to practice, choose your program, your section, your series and then your exercise. All you have to do then is... sight-read! 

We recommend you start with the introductory program, even if you have a good level. This way you can get used to the mask’s movement and avoid bad habits.


What are the means of payment?

Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are accepted.  

Payments are secured by the most advanced protocols of our payment solution provider Stripe.

Payment via Paypal is also available. 

We only accept bank transfers from schools and institutions. 


Can I test the method before I sign up for a subscription?

Of course! Our number one goal is to make you progress. You can see the method’s effectiveness for yourself by testing it for 7 days. You will have access to all the exercises, without limit, and you can train in the instrument of your choice! Explore everything you can... in 168 hours.

You can also try out the method as a guest, without signing up beforehand. As a guest, you can access the very first series of the introductory program.
To try Sight-O as a guest, click Log In/Sign Up and then select “Continue as a Guest.”


How do I continue/stop my subscription? 

We wanted to offer you simple and clear solutions. 

- You plan to use Sight-O over several months or years?  

No need to get your credit card again: Monthly and annual subscriptions are automatically renewed. 

- You want to cancel your subscription? You plan to use Sight-O for just one month, for a specific deadline or because you are already a champion of sight-reading?  

No problem: go to “My account” before the end of the paid month, click “Cancel Subscription” and follow the instructions. See you soon! 


Account settings 

I forgot or I want to change my password, what can I do? 

On the login window, click "I forgot my password" and follow the instructions. 


Why do you ask me all this information when I sign up? 

To bring you content that is always more tailored to you: levels, instruments, types of exercises... This personal data, of course, is and remains confidential. 


Technical problems 

I have a tablet, a computer, a smartphone... will I be able to use Sight-O on it? 

Yes, if you have a computer and/or tablet large enough to comfortably read a score.  

Sight-O is what is called a “Web Application” or “Web App,” it is accessible on any device as long as you have an internet connection (cable, wifi, mobile data, etc.). All you have to do is go to your browser and enter the address https://www.sight-o.com  

For smartphones, their size makes it difficult to read scores. That’s why we have chosen not to adapt the method for smartphones for now. 


I have a problem with an exercise / It doesn't show up or it doesn't start / There are bugs in how the mask is scrolling. 

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers are not compatible with Sight-O. Using Sight-O with these browsers can cause the mask to disappear... which is a shame!

Sight-O uses audio recognition tools to assess you. These tools are only compatible with the following browsers:

• Google Chrome: Download Google Chrome
• Safari (Mac users)

Please note for piano and guitar, there isn’t any audio recognition yet and therefore no automatic assessment.

Finally, given the large number of exercises we have made available, it is possible that an error crept in somewhere... 

If you come across one, please contact us at contact@sight-o.fr with the exercise number and the instrument you are using. 

While we work on repairing the issue, feel free to move on to the next exercise. 


I have a problem with my account or I can't create it. 

Contact us here: contact@sight-o.fr and describe your problem in as much detail as possible. 


The Method 

What instruments are available?   

All the instruments of the orchestra, plus piano and guitar are available. The only exceptions are: percussions (and keyboards) and harp.  


How many exercises are there? 

Approximately 10,000 exercises. The number of exercises varies depending on the selected instrument.


How is the method organized? 

The method is broken down in a specific and intended way:  

    - Choose your Program.  

    - Discover the themes discussed in the Sections.  

    - See what difficulties are present in the Series and choose the one you are interested in. 

    - A series has between 6 and 8 exercises, ranked according to their difficulties.  


Ideally, if you have the time, perform all the exercises of a series “in one go” because they each contain a theme. 


How do I start an exercise? 

Once your exercise is selected, you'll see it appear in front of you. 

You can chose to make the mask apparent or not. A word of advice though: do the exercises with it! 

Each exercise has a indication of tempo. If it’s too fast or not fast enough for your liking, you can change it. 

You can chose to activate the Metronome, but we don’t recommend using it. That's why you'll get less points if you use the Metronome. Sorry.

You can also get an A in 440Hz and 442Hz to tune your instrument before the exercise.

Then, simply click on the "Play" button in the center of the score to launch the exercise. 

Here is how an exercise will start: 

    - After clicking “Play”, there is a 5-second visual countdown for you to get set with your instrument. 

    - You will hear a sound indicating that the exercise is about to start.

    - The countdown to the measure begins, with a number of beats that corresponds to the time signature of the exercise. 

Some exercises take up the full height of the screen or more... So we set up an automatic scroll that gently follows the mask as it moves through the score. 

Please note that directives to play with a slower tempo on the score are taken into account. 

Good luck!



How long will it take for me to see progress? 

If you practice regularly for 10 to 15 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week, you will see progress within the first month. 


How long should I use Sight-O? 

It all depends on your goals.  

- You can use Sight-O to prepare for an exam or a competition, during a few months!  

- For a full year to get back to a certain level. 

- Continuously without limit, as a tool to use alongside your music studies or conservatory classes, or simply to maintain your technique. 

Music is like sport. You need to practice to keep up the pace!   


Can I print the scores to show to my friends or students? 

Reproducing, by any means, the exercises of the method is strictly forbidden.  

Furthermore, the main point of the method lies in the use of the mask. 



I am a teacher and I want to get Sight-O for my students. Do you have adapted rates? 

Yes. We a very special offer for teachers. If you are interested, go to “Our Offers.” 

You will need to provide a proof of occupation that includes the signature and stamp of the head of the establishment in which you work.