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Our training method is adapted to all levels. Whether you're a beginner, a amateur musician or returning to music after a long time: progress guaranteed!


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You're studying in a Conservatoryor a School of Music and you want to get better at sight-reading? Sight-O has already helped hundreds of students pass the most advanced exams.

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Sight-O helps you stay sharp or strengthen specific concepts. Choose the themes you want to practice in the instrument programs.


A wide range of instruments

Select your instrument by hovering above the orchestra and discover its exercices!


Programs adapted to all levels

Exercises to get you started: the initiation program

Getting used to reading with Sight-O's animated Mask can take a little time. That's why we've created this specific initiation program to get you started, regardless of your level.

For the more advanced: complex bars

After completing the Initiation Program and Binary Form Program, you can move to the next level of difficulty with the Ternary and Rare Forms Program.So, ready for a little 12/16?

Practice your Keys

The Keys Program trains you to read in all the keys of the tonal system. Minors and Majors. Soon, you'll master all the different key signatures!


A comprehensive program

With its 564 exercises, the Music Training (MT) program helps your progres in Note Reading (melodic, key mixing, vertical), in Rhythm and in Singing. Check out the Sessions, a selection of exercises offered by Sight-O.


A fun and challenging world: play with Sight-O!

Earn XP, receive custom Masks and collect your Badges!

With Sight-O, improving is all about having fun.By earning Experience Points (XP) with each exercise, you pass levels and earn exciting rewards.Get into the game and journey through the history of music!

Challenge your Sightoplayer friends and... earn even more XP points!

Do you think you're unbeatable? Sight-O lets you take on your friends in sight-reading. By setting and winning a challenge, you can triple your XP points! To challenge a friend, go to an exercise and click on his/her flag. Will you be up to the challenge?

Defend your place in the Rankings!

By playing with Sight-O, you'll join the Sightoplayers' leaderboard.Each XP you earn allows you to improve your place and (after some effort) enter the Sightopkayers' pantheon!


Sight-O's certifications

With Sight-O, you can earn up to three Sight-Reading Certificates: Starter, Confirmed, Advanced. The delivered certificates meet specific critera and can only be acquired after gaining a certain number of XP points.

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