Learn to read the music you love, simply and instantly!

Sight-O improves your sight-reading in a fun, enjoyable and natural way. Progress quickly and efficiently, without limits!


A real sight-reading method for musicians

Sight-O is an interactive and fun sight-reading app that helps musicians improve their ability to read scores and sheet music.Sight-O's secret? The use of a Mask that moves along the score from note to note, to encourage you to read in advance, without hesitating or stopping.


Over 10,000 original & progressive exercises

Our exercices (wrote by teacher specialized and certified teachers) are adapted to all levels, for all instruments of the orchestra, the Piano and the Guitar (soon available for Music Training). Thanks to the microphone of your computer or tablet, Sight-O shows you your mistakes directly on the score. Listen to your performance again and follow our advice to improve.


Why practice with Sight-O


Knowing how to sight-read makes you free

Free to constantly discover new compositions without spending hours laboriously deciphering them.


Sight-O corrects
your mistakes

Sight-O and its Cache are participating in correct reading defects Sight-O and its Cache help to correct reading defects by re-educating the eye's movement on the score.


A motivating and
stimulating world

The fun world of Sight-O motivates you to train regularly. Set a weekly goal and progress quickly !


Sight-O is a huge number
of exercises.

Sight-O is a huge number of exercises.Teachers, let your students
benefit from it !


An app for all musicians

Musicians of all levels who want to improve their sight-reading skills.

Sight-O is for musicians of all levels who want to improve their score reading. Sight-read a new piece will soon be child's play. Are you preparing for an entrance exam to a regional or national conservatory? Sight-O has already helped hundreds of candidates to pass the most difficult tests.

Teachers for instruments and musical training

Sight-O is a great tool for teachers who want to help their students progress in sight-reading. Five to ten minutes at the end of each lesson and a follow-up of the method with your students will guarantee amazing results..


A wide range of instruments

Sight-O is available for all the instruments of the orchestra (excluding Harp and Percussion), the Piano and the Guitar. The Musical Training will be available very soon. Let me know when it comes out

Discover all the instruments of Sight-O thanks to our interactive orchestra !


Sight-O is an extraordinary tool for professional musicians to reach the international level they deserve. This online learning system with a mask to force the eye to read ahead is absolutely unique and essential.

Patrick Gallois
International sollist

Sight-reading is a real asset for a any musician. The Sight-O method draws upon a proven method for its effectiveness, which helps people make fast progress. That's why, as director of the School of Music in Enghien-les-Bains, I asked that all our students be able to access Sight-O so they can practice at school and at home.

Dominic Theodosis-Capsambelis
Director of the School of Music and Dance


At long last, here's an online sight-reading method for all instruments and for all musicians, from the youngest to the most experienced. Leading professional educators were involved in the development of this method to make it as efficient and accurate as possible.

Daniel Catalanotti
International sollist
Horn Solist of the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris


This essetial method shaped my childhood and stayed with me throughout my muscial education. I still use it today, 30 years after discovering it, as I always find it useful.

Arnaud Vallin
First violin of Quatuor Parisii
Former student of the method


During my musical studies in Paris, this method's sight-reading lessons were very useful to me. They allowed me to open other doors in my artistic career. Currently, I still use it for its extraordinary efficiency.

Burcu Goker
Violinist, professor at the University of West Florida (USA)
Former student of the method



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